Artisan loose leaf teas, selectively sourced from around the world and hand-blended for us by Kaleisia Tea.  


Tea Menu

All of our tea drinks are made-to-order.

Hot Tea

Hot Fog - any tea served hot and topped with steamed milk

Iced Tea

Iced Tea Latte - any tea served cold with milk

Any tea can be sweetened with our house made vanilla.
Freshly made BOBA can be added to any iced tea.

Tea Selections

Mango Splash (FRUIT) : pineapple cubes, mango pieces, orange slices, tangerine pieces, orange slices, safflower blossoms, marigold blossoms and strawberry slices

Goji Treasure (FRUIT) : fruity blend of ripe pear and apple pieces, sweet honeydew melon cubes combined with whole goji berries, hibiscus blossoms and rose hip peels

Immunitea (HERBAL) : Echinacea, chamomile, peppermint, lemon verbena, lemongrass, and ginger

Bourbon Vanilla (ROOIBOS) : almond slices, vanilla and calendula petals

Almond Walnut (GREEN) : walnuts, almonds, pineapple, coconut and brittle candy pieces

Kyoto Cherry Rose (GREEN) : Japanese influenced blend of sencha leaves, rose petals and natural extract of the cherry fruit

Long Island Strawberry (GREEN) : sweet strawberries and papaya pieces

Matcha (GREEN) : premium grade powdered Japanese tea that is recognized for its array of health benefits and deep earthy flavor

Creamy Toffee (BLACK) : black tea leaves, natural caramel flavor and toffee bits

Almond Biscotti (BLACK) : roasted almonds, black tea and vanilla

Lady Grey (BLACK ) : Italian bergamot and a hint of lavender

Masala Chai (BLACK) : 90% spices and 10% black tea. Spices include green cardamom, fennel, black pepper, licorice root, ginger, clove, cinnamon and star anise

Thai (BLACK) : vanilla, cardamom, anise, clove, orange blended with a black tea from Thailand.